Film & TV Week Q&A - David Tilton

Q & A / 15 June 2022

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my ArtStation Film & TV Week Q&A. My name is David Tilton. I'm a senior concept artist that has been working in the entertainment industry for 7 years. I have worked on many film projects over the past few years and am currently working for Tesla. Some of my past projects include Blade Runner 2049, Game of Thrones, Black Panther, and Thor: Ragnarok. I am a jack of all trades but mostly focus on environment and vehicle/prop design.

On June 16th from 12 - 1 pm ET (9 - 10 am PT), I’ll be responding to questions posted in the comments section of this blog post.

Ask me about:

  • My design proce
  • My experience working for film clients
  • Work-Life balance
  • Environment design tips
  • Anything else that comes to your mind!